I hear you're my biggest fan. . . I really dig that about you.

I was born pigeon-toed and had to wear special shoes for the first year of my life * At the age of five, I broke my brother's nose. I still feel bad it * Feeling frivolous, I up and got myself a Master's degree from USC's Liberal Studies Program. I have since vowed to be more responsible * According to the gallup's Strengths Finder 2.0 Personality test, my strengths are "Futurist, Responsibility, Consistency, Harmony, Achiever" * Being a firm believer in the Zodiac, I am not surprised that these are all common attributes of the typical Capricorn * Though the name Shelly means "mine" in Hebrew, I am no one's little weasel * I have what doctors call a "fairy kiss" on my forehead. Though it was a dominant facial feature in my childhood years, this pinkish blob has slowly faded with age. It still flares up now and again * Please note, I am fully aware that all my little quirks make me undeniably charming.